Repairs and restoration

  • Replacement of clasps, snap buttons, bellows straps
    keyboard and action overhaul, keystroke alignment

  • Replacement of the bellows, resealing of the bellows
    Celluloid and case repair

  • Replacement of single reeds or complete sets

  • Retuning and tuning of the instrument

  • General review

Your instrument will be overhauled in our laboratory by skilled craftsmen with many years of professional experience.
Top quality materials and original spare parts are used.
General overhauls include cleaning the instrument, cleaning the voices, "raising" and waxing.
If desired, the overhaul can also include replacing the valve flaps on the keyboard and bass tubes

We would be happy to advise you and provide you with a cost estimate based on the repairer's assessment.
The repair estimate is free and the repair is covered by the one-year warranty from delivery of the instrument.


Accordions are complex, mechanical instruments with many moving parts.
When those moving parts sit idle for years or experience heavy use, they will need to be serviced over their lifetime.
We offer a number of typical maintenance services such as gasket replacement, internal and external cleaning, mechanical optimization and much more.
Proper maintenance is the correct key to achieving optimal longevity from your accordion.


Most accordion keyboards require rail/bed cleaning and minor adjustments every 10-30 years depending on build quality. A high quality accordion can last 40-50 years before requiring serious keyboard maintenance and keeping the treble section clean and free from moisture will ensure that less maintenance is required.

Bass Mechanics

The bass mechanism of an accordion is the most complex aspect, with hundreds of individual components and many dozens of contact points. These contact points are often lubricated and after many years the lubrications can dry out and begin to cause excessive friction as well as 'gagging' and restricting movement. Depending on the build quality, some mechanics will need more service over the years than others and if the metal parts are not clean or built properly, service may be more frequent.


The most important aspect of an accordion is the quality, condition and tuning of the reeds. There are many reasons why an accordion can go "out of tune", and it's not always because the reed needs to be in tune. Finding a reliable technician is very important, where they can evaluate other aspects such as the fit of the tab, the "back-flaps", the wax, the integrity of the rivet, the alignment of the tab, etc. to ensure that tuning is actually necessary. If indeed tuning is required, likewise, it is very important to find a qualified accordion tuner; one with decades of experience and practice. At Coopefisa, we fine-tune only by hand (no power tools) and guarantee the highest level of perfection in the industry.


A concern common to many accordionists today has to do with the weight of the accordion; which is important. What is equally important is the compression and balance of an accordion. Compression translates into efficiency, or how much "pushing and pulling" an accordion requires to produce sound. Poor compression can result in an inefficient accordion, so the player exerts much more energy to produce enough sound. The better the compression, the more efficient and responsive an accordion is. Compression can be improved by servicing or replacing bellows seals, bass or keyboard valve settings, various holes or cracks in the cabinet, bellows leaks (corners/lining/bellows/etc.), and more.


Many of our customers are surprised to learn the age of our certified pre-owned accordions. This is due to the finish work done during a certification service which helps bring back the luster and shine to the outer case. The celluloid finish of most accordions will scratch and dull over time. Everything can be polished to remove halos and scratches from years of use. Upon request, we re-chrome, varnish or replace the old celluloid. Our exterior finishing services ensure that your prized instrument will look its best for many years to come.    0161 392115                  

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